crunchy crudite platter

Eating more veggies every day has got to be a goal - and a gorgeous assortment like this always gets you, the family and guests munching. Be adventurous with the vegetables you choose - crudités can be a lot more exciting than just carrots and celery.
makes 4-5 servings
preparation time:
5-10 minutes

2 carrots, peeled

1/4 head of broccoli

1 cucumber

1 fennel

3 celery stems

1 handful snap peas

Handful of crackers (of your choice)

Green Goodness Dip (see recipe)


Halve your carrot width-ways, removing the ends, and cut each side into quarters, length-ways.

Chop the broccoli head into small florets.

Chop the ends off the cucumber, slice in half width-ways and cut each side into quarters, length-ways.

Chop the ends off the fennel, and slice into thin segments.

Remove the ends from the celery, slice into quarters.

Display on a platter, tray or plate with the other ingredients and add your Green Goodness Dip or a pot of hummus to the middle.


Photography by Charlotte Kibbles.