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Tamara Hill-Norton

Founder and Creative Director

of Sweaty Betty

In your opinion, what does it mean to be healthy?

To lead a balanced life of fitness and good food.

Do you follow any specific way of eating? For example, are you vegetarian, a raw foodist or do you follow a Paleo diet etc?

Ryvita Thins Multi-Seed Flatbreads

Ryvita Thins Multi-Seed Flatbreads

No, I try to eat healthily, but I don’t cut out food groups or follow any particular diet.

Why is it important for you to feel (and look) healthy? Is there a back-story to why you eat the way you do?

It’s important for my confidence and self-esteem to look after my body.

What foods or groups of foods (if any) do you avoid? And why?

I don’t avoid any.

I don’t avoid any foods or groups of food.

Do you cook every day? If not, how do you fit cooking into your weekly routine?

I only really cook at weekends, when I have time. During the week I’ll eat with my kids who have whatever my nanny/housekeeper has cooked for them.

What’s your shopping routine? Farmers’ market, grocery store, online? 

Online and from our vegetable garden.

What do you think are the most nutritious foods and how do you fit them in to your diet and life?

Vegetables and fruit from the garden – we eat as much as possible from there.

bounce protein balls

Protein balls from Bounce

Do you cook and eat the same types of foods as your children? How do you satisfy their “kiddie” palate and still keep them on a balanced diet?

We eat similar foods; the older ones are good at eating what we eat, but the youngest (our eight-year-old boy) is more difficult – he’ll eat whole cucumbers from the cucumber plant and three bowls of cereal for breakfast and then be hungry one hour later! I know that’s not ideal.

How much emphasis do you put on your children’s nutrition? What is most important to you about what goes in their little bodies?

I try to make sure they have lots of vegetables and fruit, but I allow them pretty much everything else as well (all their food is home-cooked and balanced). I don’t like the amount of sugary cereals they eat but I haven’t found a way to change that yet.


What is your optimal breakfast?

Fresh fruit salad and my husband’s wholemeal pancakes.

How do you try and stay on track when you travel?

I just keep exercising.

What are your favourite snacks?

Ryvita Thins and medjool dates.

Are there any cookbooks you couldn’t live without?

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver, £26

Nigella Lawson’s and Jamie Oliver’s express cookbooks.

What is your food routine? Do you eat three conventional meals a day or do you have smaller portions throughout the day?

Three conventional meals.

When you go out to dinner how do you navigate the menu? What are your tips for healthy eating in restaurants?

I will normally have salads at lunch and fish in the evenings.

What is the hardest part of the day for you to avoid temptation?

4pm normally.

How do you treat yourself in terms of food?

I don’t cut stuff out.

What’s your exercise routine/schedule?

Exercise every day – running, cycling, swimming, yoga, high-intensity training classes…

Do you power up for exercise with specific foods – if so what are they?

Bananas, Bounce energy balls and Nuun active hydration tablets.

The original six, from Nuun

Do you like trying new exercise classes/trainers/trends? If so, what and why?

I love all the classes in the US – for example, Core Fusion, SoulCycle, Yoga Fusion. They have so much energy and are, on the whole, amazing instructors.

sweaty betty ninja exercise clothing

Exercise clothing from Sweaty Betty

What do you wear to work out? Do you wear particular styles for particular workouts?

Sweaty Betty, of course!

How do you fit exercise around your work schedule? Do you have to do it in the early morning? Lunch hour?

Evenings during my working days (three days a week) and mornings on my days off and at the weekend.