Last November, I partnered with Stylist and Adidas by Stella McCartney for a winter fitness special. It is all about showing that you can still have fun with your exercise, even if it’s cold. You can see the full feature here and watch the video below:

My three top tips to keeping motivated include…

1. Working out with friends

Stay motivated by sharing your commitment with someone else: a partner, friend, colleague or sibling. It’s always more fun to share a laugh while sweating.

2. Try new exercises

Be adventurous! Whether it’s a barre class or HIIT, TRX or kickboxing, Pilates to paddle-boarding, interval training or a running club… This is the way to take your workout to the next level. Push yourself in new ways.

3. Schedule your workouts

I always schedule workouts into my diary in the same way I would a business meeting. Look at your week ahead and see where you can fit in a class, a run or a trip to the gym. Mix it up and put it on your calendar – in pen!

Calgary Avansino Barre Workout


Photo credits: Dean Martindale

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