Do you have a food philosophy?

Food is medicine.

What makes you feel healthy?

Knowing the provenance of my food.


Farmacy in London

What is your fondest food memory?

Enjoying my grandmother’s strawberry and vanilla cake with my family.

Any foods you disliked that you’ve grown to love?


Who inspires your cooking?

My children.

Favourite foodie haunts?

Farmacy, Juicebaby and Nama in London.


What’s your go-to meal on a busy night?

A Macro Bowl at Farmacy.

Your last supper would be…?

Red lentil spaghetti with my home-made tomato sauce.

Favourite snacks…?

Salted pistachios.

Favourite treat…? 


“Juicebaby is one of my favourite foodie haunts.”

Vegan ice cream.

Your favourite way to treat yourself without food?

An amazing facial.

What is your ‘hero’ ingredient?

Hemp protein powder, as I can add it to so many meals to provide essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Which countries/places have stood out to you most when travelling?

California because of its progressive health food movement.

Five things in your kitchen/pantry you can’t live without?


“I can’t live without my Vitamix.”

My Vitamix, juicer, nut mylk bag, ground flaxseed and cinnamon.

How do you get more healthy goodness into your kids’ lives?

I teach them how to make their own juices and educate them about the chemicals in processed foods.

Is there a recipe your children love most?

My children love my home-made raw porridge which contains sprouted buckwheat, fresh almond milk, cinnamon, flaxseed, coconut oil and raw honey.

Top tips for fussy little ones?

Hiding their greens and vegetables in pasta sauces.

How do you stay on track when you travel?

I travel with my Vitamix and take chlorella when flying long haul.

key to life quote

Does your interest in leading a healthier lifestyle cross over into any other parts of your life?

I use all chemical- and fragrance-free make-up, skin care and household cleaning products.

What supplements do you take, if any?

The list is endless! My top favourites are vegan DHA and EPA and I treat myself using only alternative medicines.

What mantra do you live by?

The KEY in life is to Keep Educating Yourself.

What’s your exercise routine/schedule?

I do Pilates twice a week, and Kundalini yoga.


“I power up for exercise with protein powders, such as those by Sunwarrior.” (Image:

Do you power up for exercise with specific foods?

Protein powders, such as those by Sunwarrior, or hemp protein.

Describe your workout wardrobe…


How do you motivate yourself to get up and go when you’re feeling sluggish?

A shot of pure ginger… It works like tequila.

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