What would you say are the most nutritious foods?

I was born in New Zealand and raised on manuka honey. I eat it every morning in my porridge and even suggest it to my staff when they are ill. I swear it keeps me well.

manuka honey

Steens Raw 20+ Manuka Honey

Why is it important for you to feel (and look) healthy?

I grew up with my Italian grandmother, who is a fantastic cook and taught me to love cooking and eat healthy, nutritious food. It makes such a difference to how you feel. I eat a lot of olive oil and garlic thanks to my grandmother.

What foods or groups of foods (if any) do you avoid?

None, really. I just try not to eat anything too creamy or rich. I always avoid ready-made meals.

What is your optimal breakfast?

Porridge with manuka honey, and I absolutely love poached eggs on brown bread with avocado.

Your favourite snacks?

Almonds with raisins, bananas and Activia yoghurt. Hummus and raw veggies.

Tips for healthy eating in restaurants?

I naturally tend to order healthier options – like grilled fish or a salad – but I certainly love to also go for pasta or a burger if I’m feeling that way. For me, it works to eat what I feel like. I do eat desserts, however, only at the weekend.

Nathalie leggings from Bodyism

Nathalie leggings from Bodyism

What’s your exercise routine/schedule?

I see Nathalie at Bodyism, which has led to an absolute transformation. It has kept me in shape without a doubt. I do two sorts of exercise – long walks with my family, and Bodyism with Natalie. I love them both.

Do you power up for exercise with specific foods?

Sometimes I will have a handful of almonds before a workout.

What do you wear to work out?

I am crazy about the Nathalie leggings from the Bodyism line.

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