There’s nothing worse than feeling ill, especially if you’re anything like me and hate sitting around in bed doing nothing. When I have a stinking cold, I turn to liquid chlorophyll diluted in a glass of water, however, I was sure there must be more tried-and-tested solutions out there, so I turned to my Instagram followers who came back with an abundance of ideas that I wanted to share with you.

  • @hungerhathaandheels: Vitamin C, chicken soup with ginger root, tea and lots of water.
  • @prettyathletic: A vaporiser and tea tree/eucalyptus oil.
  • @vasiliki1977:Vitamin C three times a day.
  • @tracyfribbins: Vitamin C, ginger and lemons, all organic and fresh.
  • @emmalcannon: Acupuncture and cupping normally hastens recovery. This could result in 5–10 hours of worsening symptoms but then it clears quicker without lingering. I have always treated my children using a combination of early intervention with acupuncture, cupping and dietary changes, rest and a quiet day at home.
  • @lilymcchodges: Best advice? Enjoy it! It’s your body getting rid of stuff and saying to take it easy. Zinc is awesome, and soup. And a steam room to sweat it out.
  • @veganbabayaga: A ginger bath: 1kg chopped fresh ginger, simmered in boiling water for 20 minutes, then added to a bath. After 20 minutes you will be red as a lobster and will sweat all the cold out.
  • @heatherrajar: Vitamin C – fresh grapefruit/lime/orange juice and Echinacea.
  • @jandboo: Frankincense for smelling and putting on pressure points will help massively.
  • @arielleoffduty: Crushed garlic, raw honey and home-made chicken soup.
  • @aimeesapothecary: Colloidal silver drops straight into your nostrils
  • @alibalibee79: I swear by echinacea; I take the Boots tablet version.
  • @sorujewellery: Pure wild oil of oregano. It’s the BEST – a couple of drops under the tongue (it’s strong but really, really works) and a few drops in some warm water to sip.
  • @hqh991: Bromelain – or pineapple stalk – dries everything up quickly.
  • @barbaramedic: Manuka honey UMF 15+ and oregano oil in capsules.

What are your homemade health hacks? Let me know at [email protected]. I’m always keen to find out what you use or do to keep you feeling well.

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