There’s nothing worse than feeling ill, especially if you’re anything like me and hate sitting around in bed doing nothing. When I have a stinking cold, I turn to liquid chlorophyll diluted in a glass of water, however, I was sure there must be more tried-and-tested solutions out there, so I turned to my Instagram followers who came back with an abundance of ideas that I wanted to share with you.

  • @hungerhathaandheels: Vitamin C, chicken soup with ginger root, tea and lots of water.
  • @prettyathletic: A vaporiser and tea tree/eucalyptus oil.
  • @vasiliki1977:Vitamin C three times a day.
  • @tracyfribbins: Vitamin C, ginger and lemons, all organic and fresh.
  • @emmalcannon: Acupuncture and cupping normally hastens recovery. This could result in 5–10 hours of worsening symptoms but then it clears quicker without lingering. I have always treated my children using a combination of early intervention with acupuncture, cupping and dietary changes, rest and a quiet day at home.
  • @lilymcchodges: Best advice? Enjoy it! It’s your body getting rid of stuff and saying to take it easy. Zinc is awesome, and soup. And a steam room to sweat it out.
  • @veganbabayaga: A ginger bath: 1kg chopped fresh ginger, simmered in boiling water for 20 minutes, then added to a bath. After 20 minutes you will be red as a lobster and will sweat all the cold out.
  • @heatherrajar: Vitamin C – fresh grapefruit/lime/orange juice and Echinacea.
  • @jandboo: Frankincense for smelling and putting on pressure points will help massively.
  • @arielleoffduty: Crushed garlic, raw honey and home-made chicken soup.
  • @aimeesapothecary: Colloidal silver drops straight into your nostrils
  • @alibalibee79: I swear by echinacea; I take the Boots tablet version.
  • @sorujewellery: Pure wild oil of oregano. It’s the BEST – a couple of drops under the tongue (it’s strong but really, really works) and a few drops in some warm water to sip.
  • @hqh991: Bromelain – or pineapple stalk – dries everything up quickly.
  • @barbaramedic: Manuka honey UMF 15+ and oregano oil in capsules.

What are your homemade health hacks? Let me know at I’m always keen to find out what you use or do to keep you feeling well.

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