Do you follow any specific way of eating?

My main aim is to choose really good-quality food that is organic where possible and free from the chemicals and processed ingredients that are commonly found. I think about its clean value, nutritional value, variety, freshness and seasonality. Sugar is my biggest enemy and having given that up (most of the time), I feel like a new person.

What foods or groups of foods (if any) do you avoid?

green quinoa

Recipe: Green Quinoa

I avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, pre-packed food and generally all poor-quality food full of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. I make sure that I am not eating any one food group regularly or daily, so that every day I eat something different. I find that it’s easy to keep eating the same foods every day and that causes its own problems, so I focus on variety and what’s in season.

What do you think are the most nutritious foods?

Lemon (to alkalise), vegetables, sprouts, herbs, seeds and high-protein foods. One of my favourite dishes is quinoa packed with chopped vegetables, herbs, spices and drizzled with an omega oil. It’s so quick to make but extremely nutritious and great if you love carbohydrates. I also love smoothies, whether with vegetables or fruit. I like to make these super-nutritious by packing in extra vitamins.

What is your optimal breakfast?

In the winter, it’s porridge infused with chia seeds, berries or banana with a drizzle of honey and a really great cappuccino. In the summer, it’s fruit or yoghurt with berries and seeds. I love adding extra nutrition wherever I can, so depending on my needs I might add cocoa nibs, wheatgrass, calcium and magnesium or extra vitamin C.

Skin Radiance capsules from The Organic Pharmacy

Skin Radiance capsules from The Organic Pharmacy, £45

Favourite snacks?

I love raw chocolate-coated nuts – just a few though! Also, coconut pieces or a piece of fruit.

What is the hardest part of the day for you to avoid temptation?

It’s usually 4pm when I might get an energy dip and crave something sweet. I have a small bowl of organic plain yoghurt with half a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of matcha green-tea powder and a tablespoon of flaked almonds. It keeps me going and full of energy for hours!

Do you believe in diets or detox programmes?

I don’t believe in diets at all or calorie counting, but I do believe in detox. Over 13 years ago, when I first started The Organic Pharmacy, as I treated client after client, I noticed they all shared similar symptoms – tiredness, stress, insomnia, digestive problems, dull skin, hormonal problems, etc. In those days, I had a powder mix that combined clay, psyllium, aloe and herbs to clean and heal the gut.

“I don’t believe in diets at all or calorie counting, but I do believe in detox.”

Nude Sparkle Make-up Palette - The Organic Pharmacy

Nude Sparkle Makeup Palette from The Organic Pharmacy, £49

The results were amazing and after two weeks, 50 per cent of their symptoms had gone. It even surprised me. I listened to their experiences and fine-tuned the detox. Today, it’s a 10-day detox that cleanses and supports the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and gut.

The result I found was more energy, a clearer mind and the ability to handle stress more easily. An added bonus is great skin and better digestion. My conclusion is that detox and good eating are the two most important things we can do for our body. The older we get, the more care and maintenance we need.

What’s your exercise routine/schedule?

I’m not a gym person. I’d much rather go for a walk, but my favourite exercise is cycling and I cycle for an hour twice a week. I love the freedom and the ability to explore that it gives me.

Do you power up for exercise with specific foods?

I generally hydrate before and during exercise, but I don’t tend to eat any specific foods. I do find that exercise causes inflammation in me, so the only thing I dose up with is Quercetin and vitamin C and our Skin Radiance capsules, which include glucosamine as well as rose hips and berries. They help keep my joints and my body in good health with less inflammation.

james perse exercise activewear

“I wear really comfortable James Perse bottoms”

Do you like trying new exercise classes/trainers/trends?

I’m not really an organised-class person. I prefer to do things when I want to. I find classes too stressful if I am running late or have to cancel; I like exercise that I can do according to my own schedule.

What do you wear to work out?

I wear really comfortable James Perse bottoms with pockets on the sides where I can put all my bits and not worry about them.

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