Do you follow any specific way of eating?

I don’t eat dairy as it really doesn’t agree with me. And I try to avoid added sugar. But I don’t really have any other food rules as such. I try to eat organic where possible and when I do eat meat, which is rare, I will only eat organic. I eat raw veggies in abundance but there are times when I think your body just needs cooked food too. I try and have a green juice or smoothie every day – they are like my lifeblood. And I tend to snack on a lot – and I mean a lot – of nuts.

selection of nuts

“I tend to snack on a lot – and I mean a lot – of nuts.”

Is there a back-story to why you eat the way you do?

I have been lucky enough to have a mum who was completely devoted to giving her children the best possible start in life, which, for her, began with healthy, organic food. I have memories of her waiting for the doors to open at our local Waitrose when they first started to stock organic produce as she knew it would have run out if she left it too late.

“A great diet can help heal, increase productivity, bring confidence, support the work of athletes – the list is endless.”

My aunt, too, was a certified organic vegetable grower, so what we couldn’t get from Waitrose, Mum would drive down to the country to get from her. Over the years, I have witnessed the amazing things a great diet can do for you. It can help heal, increase productivity, bring confidence, support the work of athletes – the list is endless. Most importantly, I think that prevention is better than cure, and I truly believe that a fantastic diet will help you in your quest to maintain optimum health.

overnight oats

“Overnight Oats” from Keep It Real by Calgary Avansino. Photograph – Kristin Perers

What do you think are the most nutritious foods?

Avocados. I eat them any which way they come: on their own, for breakfast with toast, for lunch in salads, as guacamole, in smoothies. I swear by kale – again, I can disguise a kale leaf in just about any meal these days. My husband hates kale… or so he thinks!

What is your optimal breakfast?

I am really into overnight oats. My sister, Saskia, is a ballerina, so she has to make sure she gets a really great, nutritious, energy-fuelling breakfast that won’t bloat her before she heads off to dance for hours on end. She has the best recipes for overnight oats. I find that by soaking the oats, they are much easier to digest and she adds an amazing concoction of superfoods and wonder-grains and seeds with them. The result: ah-mazing!

Favourite snacks?

coconut yoghurt with strawberries

I love Nairn’s gluten-free oatcakes – they are so “biscuity”. They are even better spread with a little almond butter and topped with banana. I also love CoYo yoghurt with berries. Or give me a bag of cashews at any time of day and they won’t last long.

What is your food routine?

I am a grazer. I am constantly nibbling on nuts or eating spoonfuls of peanut butter (out of the jar – shhh!). I always start off with a really good breakfast, so I tend to have a smaller lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. Then quite a sizeable but, of course, healthy supper followed by another evening snack. I also do a lot of exercise so feel I need to eat quite a lot throughout the day to keep my energy levels up.

Any specific food brands you love?

To name a few:

Om Bar: Totally delicious dairy-free, sugar-free real chocolate made with coconut.

Jax Coco: The best tasting coconut water I have ever tasted.

Pukka: They just make the best teas and their co-founder, Sebastian Pole, is such an inspiration.

deliciously ella energy balls

Deliciously Ella’s Energy Balls: Great for a 4pm pick-me-up as they are bursting with energy-fuelling foods. I love that their ingredients are super simple.

What’s your exercise routine/schedule?

I try to run at least six days a week for around 40 minutes – outdoors preferably. I also try to fit in a yoga class at least once a week. I have also recently really got into barre classes – despite not having a ballerina bone in my body!

What do you wear to work out?

APL trainers have just landed at and have quickly become a footwear staple for me. I run a lot and tend to wear LNDR bras which are supportive without being utterly suffocating and Varley leggings are great at feeling like a second skin!

LNDR Aero Sports Bra in Grey Marl

Any tips for fitting exercise into a busy schedule?

I’d say try to make your commute your exercise. If you do this, you’ll need to invest in a good backpack and get used to packing it before you go to bed. Trying to get your gear ready for the day at 6am is tricky and you are bound to forget something in your sleepy state.

If you don’t have a shower at work, then perhaps join a nearby gym and use the showers there to get changed. That way you can also use the gym in your lunch breaks on days where you don’t bike/run into work.

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